The Then

Me, Archived

An archive of past ā€œNowā€ pages. Now pages are quick looks into my personal life, up to date and personal.

The goal is to be a bridge between the curation of self that is my about page, and the overshare of a daily blog.

Now, Archived

2023 / March

What Iā€™m up to right now, today... well, recently... well, more recently than the about me page, uh sorta.

2023 / January

I reached my 3 month anniversary at Mozilla, which several of my co-workers have celebrated, which feels both unfamiliar and cool.

2022 / December

In September I chose to leave my role at RiteAid/Elixir, I wasn't looking to leave before I finished establishing the Design System practice, but some large shifts in leadership had me feeling like it was time.

2022 / August

Since the last update I turned 48. Yes, I know the beard is giving 57, but it went grey in my 20s what are you going to do?

2022 / June

It's June 2022 when I am writing this, and life hasn't changed much personally. Still working with Elixir/RiteAid in the Design System space.