December 2022

Now, Archived

Howdy friend! It’s the start of December in the year of our Lorde twenty-twenty-two. This page is here to keep you—the readers—up to date with my life and times.

The goal is to be a bridge between the curation of self that is my about page, and the overshare of a daily blog. My hope is that this update finds you well, happy, and healthy mentally and otherwise.

As always I present you with present me.

James Mathias looking into the camera with a stoic glance. James is wearing a black baseball cap with a golden state warriors lotus logo on the front, and hot pink 1/2 gauge tunnels in his ample ears. All while sitting in front of a pale wall.
“I'm still here.” ©2022

A lot of big changes, since August.

In September I chose to leave my role at RiteAid/Elixir, I wasn't looking to leave before I finished establishing the Design System practice, but some large shifts in leadership had me feeling like it was time.

Started a new role in October at Mozilla! I'm a Sr. Staff Designer on the Design Systems team for the Firefox. It’s been a really wonderful experience so far, and I’m so excited for the future, and all the opportunities that working at Mozilla offer.

I reached another milestone in November, two years out from the Thanksgiving incident and I'm still here. I've had a solid two years moving myself closer to health. Yay me!

On Monday, November 28th, my life day, I hurt my lower back moving a box of Magic cards. I didn't realize it until Tuesday morning when I was unable to walk without assistance.

I got a little better over the next week, but on the following Monday I decided I was on the mend and could do a little more moving and walking, big—fucking—mistake. Monday evening when I went to bed my back began a series of intense and painful spasms. I could not move. I could not be still. Everything was pain. I didn't sleep.

Tuesday was awful. I wanted to die. I’m not being hyperbolic, I was not rested, I was in constant, unending pain, and I was just done. Every movement, every position was excruciating.

Tuesday night I threw all caution to the wind and tried a new sleeping situation. I woke Wednesday having regained the ability to walk, and only had pain and spasms in certain positions. My gratitude was overflowing.

As of this writing it is Thursday night, and my back is continuing to improve. It's still sore and some positions are painful, but manageable. The difference between Tuesday and today is night and day.

I'm taking this injury as a new life day lesson that I need to focus on the strength of my body and not just the reduction of it.

Due to the job change, and injury I have not had an opportunity to experiment with my new Copic markers, but that content is still coming someday, like sincerely.

I'm pretty behind on this site as well, I have a lot of plans for content and improvements. Once things stabilize and I get into the flow at work, I will have time to dedicate here again.

And yes, I got my greedy paws on a PS5 and finally got to enjoy the new Ratchet and Clank title.