January 2023

Now, Archived

Howdy friend! It’s the start of January in the year of our Lorde twenty-twenty-three. This page is here to keep you—the readers—up to date with my life and times.

The goal is to be a bridge between the curation of self that is my about page, and the overshare of a daily blog. My hope is that this update finds you well, happy, and healthy mentally and otherwise.

As always I present you with present me.

James Mathias looking into the camera with an intense stare. James is wearing a navy blue baseball cap with a pair of red socks overlapping on the front, and sea foam 1/2 gauge tunnels in his ample ears. His background a blur.
“Wicked Smaht” ©2023

Since last time, thankfully my back has healed! I can walk and sit again without any pain. However, I did notice while doing very light shoulder presses today that my obliques started to burn. This, I think, is a remnant of the back injury as that part of my body had to do a lot of work to compensate for my lower back being completely out of action.

I reached my 3 month anniversary at Mozilla, which several of my co-workers have celebrated, which feels both unfamiliar and cool.

I'm really enjoying my time here and my direct team is so open, kind, and generous with their time and patience with me as I get my bearings, and ramp up to offering something of value.

If you are reading this that means the site has undergone some pretty major changes, as I got ever-so-slightly hyper-focused on pushing out all the changes that had been piling up.

I've reduced my game collection by about 70 games recently, with another stack ready to go as well. I decided this time around to just donate to a local board game cafe, as opposed to dealing with auctions and shipping and haggling. This specific reduction felt like a wave of relief, this is how I know it's time to really take a step back and reduce down to a collection that is sustainable and playable, not just a raw catalog of my gaming history.

I got God of War Ragnarok for Christmas, and I used all my free time during the holiday break to really smash through it. It was a wonderful experience.