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Privacy Statement

Artistic Outlaw does not collect PII (personally identifiable information) from its visitors or members.

No activity or other data is tracked, stored, processed, or otherwise accessed based on your use, enjoyment, and/or viewing of this site. Ever.

Artistic Outlaw will never use any voluntarily shared information for any purposes outside their intended use. e.g. If you email James, he will not use your email for any purpose aside from responding to your email.

Cookie Policy

Artistic Outlaw only sets 1 cookie, and only if you (the visitor) opt-in to changing the color scheme of the website by clicking one of the rainbow segments in the masthead.

The cookie only stores a color_name for your selected color scheme.

30 days
to store the visitor's color scheme preference

Accessibility Statement

Artistic Outlaw strives to meet or exceed Level AA accessibility standards as outlined in the WCAG 2.1 specification.

If you experience any issues big or small while accessing any part or parcel of this website, please let me know and I’ll prioritize repairing that oversight as quickly as possible.

Inclusivity Statement

Artistic Outlaw is the personal website of a person who believes strongly in the value and practice of kindness. As such, they will not tolerate hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other type of exclusive language or behavior on, around, or near this site or any extensions thereof, not limited to social presences on other websites/apps or in-person interactions.

It bears repeating. Zero tolerance means no warnings, no discussion. You are invisible and unwelcome the millisecond you engage in any excluding, bullying, or otherwise hateful language and/or behaviors.

And for the argumentive both-siders, what-abouters, and advocates for the Devil; Deplatforming/moderating is not exclusion. It is protecting the peace and safety of the community.