The Now

Me, Up to Date

Howdy friend! It’s the end of April in the year of our Lorde twenty-twenty-four. This page is here to keep you—the readers—up to date with my life and times.

The goal is to be a bridge between the curation of self that is my about page, and the overshare of a daily blog. My hope is that this update finds you well, happy, and healthy mentally and otherwise.

As always I present you with present me.

James Mathias looking tired, and worn-out. He is wearing a camo-green Toronto Blue Jays baseball hat, and a light olive drab hoodie. His beard is short, growing in from a full shave
“Welp.” ©2024

New quarter, new update! Since last time I've gone through a bunch of changes, good, bad, and balanced.

On the reading front I've fallen deeply into reading Warhammer novels. I'm been using audio books, so I can "read" a book while I paint my miniatures. I will be updating the reading list soon. I've read 6 novels, since February!

I left Mozilla in March 2024.

The environment wasn't a good fit for where I'm at in my life and career. No matter what I tried things didn't get better, and it was becoming more and more untenable.

I made a difficult decision to leave, and join a new company.

Miniature painting has become my entire personality! I am pushing myself on every model, learning something new, progressing my craft, and really just finding joy in miniature dolls.

I grew my TikTok account to just over 1000 followers since December 19th, posting WIPs and finished models. You should follow me over there if you are interested in my painting journey! Alternatively you can follow along on Instagram (though I post there less often).

Most recently I've taken on a small painting challenge to complete 3 Warcry warbands, 31 miniatures in a month. I'm currently working on the 3rd warband, having completed the other 2 warbands, and it's looking like I will accomplish this.

On the board gaming front, I am pulling further away from that type of gaming in favor of games where I can use my painted miniatures. I still love board games, but I am finding it less and less necessary to own a collection of the size I do.

I need more room for plastic armies!

My weight loss journey has been challenging recently, partly because I plateaued and then partly due to recent-ish a 15 pound weight gain, due to stress and depression (both stemming from my challenges at Mozilla).

I'm back on track, and reducing weight again, refocused, moving forward, and feeling much better.

The world is failing us all. And, I am so proud of the young people that aren't laying down like the older generations did. Fighting back. I believe real change will come, and even if it's uncomfortable or worse, I will welcome it with open arms and an open heart.

Well that’s it for now, see ya next quarter!