1. Burnt orange background with a triangular explosion just behind a yellow-ish highly stylized skull, surrounded by thick lettering spelling Art and Law on either side of the skull.
  2. More Detail orange, the word rage with many A's fades from bottom to top in bright red, a yellow hand is flipping the bird, wrist aflame.
  3. a green field of color with the word sorrow stylized and set in purple to the left of a sad man, with flowing and chaotic red hair, a single tear streaming down his face. a cloud looms above. no menace is felt, only sorrow.
  4. Repeating self-portrait illustration of the artist, James Mathias. Each instance identical, drawn in a deep navy blue on a field of white. An older white man with full beard, and a backwards baseball cap.
  5. A small, unsettling symmetric gargoyle sitting atop a small column high above the skyline and clouds. Backlit by the moon, their pink tongue is sticking out, their eyes slight askew.
  6. A field of powder blue, with a floating head. A self-portrait of the artist. An old white man with a full beard and a backwards baseball cap.
  7. More Detail