June 2022

Now, Archived

It's June 2022 when I am writing this, and life hasn't changed much personally. Still working with Elixir/RiteAid in the Design System space. Lu and the Kids are all doing good, well, as good as anyone can in the current global and political climates. We're making it work.

James Mathias looking into the camera making an I love you hand gesture.
“James Mathias, I Love You” ©2022

As you can see I cut my hair and trimmed my beard, some say it was a mistake. Me, I am some.

Still working on ASL, my physical and mental health.

Getting back into content creation for this website, looking at ways to improve that cadence, without causing burnout.

The Lu & Me podcast is still going, though we have been less strict about the weekly part to keep ourselves sane and allowing us to work around the ups and downs of life.

I've been working on this website, almost done as I write this. It's a new start, after saying goodbye to leihu.

Oh! I platinumed Elden Ring on PS4, it took a long time, but I enjoyed every minute of that game, can't wait for DLC or a sequel.

Overall I'm still super worried about the ongoing pandemic, the rise of legislative crimes against LGBT+ youth in red states, the continued destruction of democracy, the inevitable fall of the US, and the unjust invasion of Ukraine.

New things of concern Monkeypox, the increased negligence surrounding COVID, AI sentience, supply shortages, hyper-inflation.

Yay adulthood!