Paper & Wood

It all started with the Magnavox Odyssey.

In the eighties I discovered D&D. What followed was a haze of tabletop role playing in the school library. We also pretended to be super heroes, teen-aged mutant ninjas, and daring archaeologists.

In the early nineties, my BFFHS introduced me to Magic: The Gathering. We forsook all other activities to play. We played with every card we owned in a single deck.

It was joy.

I continued my love affair with addiction to Magic into the new millennium, ending abruptly in 2011 when I spent eight benjis on four cards. I'd hit rock bottom. Right around the same time I discovered that other games (not made by Wizards of the Coast) existed.

My gaming world exploded.

Welcome to Floydd

This is my game room, I call them Floydd. I spend my time here when I'm not writing, drawing or working. My kids, Lu and I play the pictured games together. I have over 433 games at the time of this writing, but my collection is in a constant state of fluxx.

Shot of Game Wall
Main game wall ©2020
Funky Toys!
Funko Pop! ©2020
Crokinole board
Crokinole Board ©2020
Close up of euro games
Euros! ©2020