Undiluted Trust

Consider this dear listener…

Our Government, the all-knowing and seeing lizard people that have been telling us UFOs aren’t real for 65 years, just released footage proving otherwise.

And If you think that ain’t a distraction, you’ve lost it!

Wake up!

Why would big brother want your focus off the lockdown?

Classic misdirection! While we’re all Naruto running into Area 51 they’re slipping our civil liberties into their back pocket.

Wake Up!

What’s Uncle Sam hiding? Digital ID? 5G? Bill Gates? China!? Russian hackers? Who’s involved? How far up does this thing go?

Wake UP!

The Fed is trading our freedoms away. Selling our privacy to the highest bidder, the real story, the thing they don’t want you to know, dear listener, is this…

God Dammit! I’m calling it… He’s gone…

Time of death 13:43, probable cause… Bleach poisoning via injection.