The Pessimists Guide

to Working From Home

It’s Tuesday again.

It’s always Tuesday now.

In hindsight, we’ll probably say this was mild as far as apocalypses go. It’s bad, sure, but have you seen movies?

I get why the government passed the Tuesday Everyday Act, and it’s not because it’s the best day. No. It’s the worst.

Tuesday is…

Think about it. Mondays are full of hope, a fresh start. Wednesdays are balanced, mid-week, the ladder up the slide into the weekend. Thursday’s the slide. Friday kicks off the weekend. Saturday is the day for fun and renewal. And Sunday, a day of rest.

But Tuesday?

Tuesday’s dull and bland, the shine of Monday worn, the naked darkness of the future ahead, bottom of the ladder.

Tuesdays suck.

So, It makes perfect sense.

Oh, sorry! I was muted. I was just saying…