Welcome to

Artistic Outlaw

Where I experiment, create, and practice my life’s journey as an:

  1. a green field of color with the word sorrow stylized and set in purple to the left of a sad man, with flowing and chaotic red hair, a single tear streaming down his face. a cloud looms above. no menace is felt, only sorrow.
  2. Repeating self-portrait illustration of the artist, James Mathias. Each instance identical, drawn in a deep navy blue on a field of white. An older white man with full beard, and a backwards baseball cap.
  3. A small, unsettling symmetric gargoyle sitting atop a small column high above the skyline and clouds. Backlit by the moon, their pink tongue is sticking out, their eyes slight askew.

Process is a performance that results in artifacts, and outcomes. The actual process matters little. The steps are mostly irrelevant.


When I was laying in the hospital two years ago my goal was concise: “don't die, get home.” It was a good goal. Not easy to achieve, but not impossible either.


So far so good, I still haven’t been tarnished with the 4th sight, so perhaps my days will be more or less unblemished by the woes and wails of the souls trapped betwixt this and their dimensions.

I'm a complex dude. The Outlaw section will hopefully lift the veil on the mysterious and not always consistent me.

I have a lot of interests, the Sundry section collects and catalogs all the things I love doing, watching, reading, and playing.

My partner Lucy and me discuss whatever is on our minds, dip into reviews and opinions, tough subjects, and generally work on ourselves.