Dear Kevin


Whats up? Been a while. So many years slip by as we grow and move away from those four years that were so important. It's hard to stay in touch, to stay close. The world pulls us apart.

You died. I'm not sure what happened. I logged into Facebook, ironically to delete my account for the new year, and instead found you were gone.

I began to panic. No! No! No! Then it felt like a fight to get down the stairs and find my wife without letting my face explode. I melted into her. My face screwed up trying to hold back the waterworks. I pulled away, her shoulder soaked... I couldn't breathe. I collapsed onto the bed, sucking for air trying to plug the breach in my hull.

We'd reconnected recently on Instagram, you'd built yourself a nice following with positivity and fitness, people, just like always, loved you. I've always bragged to my kids about how truly kind and generous you were. If you had something that could help someone else it was theirs. A true shirt off my back kind of guy.

In high school we bonded over being over-sized. Tall, fat, similar. We both liked playing sports after school, and videos games. We had a lot in common, more than I realized then. Our friendship continued through-out junior high, high school, and for a while after until I ran away from a relationship gone sideways.

I remember riding in the step-side, listening to 9 to 5, on our way to demolish the buffet at KFC. Years later I'd meet my wife at KFC, a different one, but the buffet was central then too. You'd have liked her, she's wonderful, I wish you could have met her.

I wish I would have told you how much I loved you. How in awe of you I was. You were someone I looked up to, even though our eyes were always level. You had an outer strength and confidence that I only wished for. You were a fucking cool ass cat.

Kevin you made a big ass dent in my heart, I'll never forget you, and I won't stop telling my kids the Rosser stories. They're some of my best.

Your pain is gone. You are in a better place. Rest easy brother.