Time Well Traveled

You can travel through time, but there are limits.

You can move forward and backward through time-space. Hell, you can move any direction. You catch a slipstream and sometimes switch universes. The catch is you can’t go any further backwards or forwards than your relative lifespan. You’re 25 now. You can go back in time as far as your fertilization. And you can move forward until your death. An unfortunate side effect being you know when you’ll die, but not why.

Here’s the real trick. You can move sideways and diagonally and upways and downways through universes where you’re alive, but you don’t know whether you never existed, or just died already in the others.

And that’s the kicker. The universes are infinite and every possible version of every possible outcome exists in some universe somewhere. The heaviest thing to process is, you’ve died every day since your birth. Just not here. Just not now.

I learned I could travel through time and space when I was seven. At first I was scared, and thought I was having waking nightmares, but once I realized what was really happening I began to learn to control it, and I can do it at will now.

To be continued…