The Avett Brothers


The Avett Brothers
Ramseur Records

In 2007 I was in a fancy hotel in San Francisco the night before a big interview at Apple. Sat on the edge of the bed, edge of my world, on edge.

The only light in the room humming out of the TV. Conan O'Brien says

Please welcome the Avett Brothers!

The camera pans over to three men each holding an instrument, left-to-right: a stand-up bass, a banjo, and an acoustic guitar. The sweet tinny sounds of a banjo filled the next few moments, I leaned forward, rapt.

What followed is the most amazing song and performance I'd ever experienced. “Paranoia in B-Flat Major”. Their voices soothing and strong, the rock meets bluegrass, Bob spun his bass, the brothers stomped and screamed.

I was completely floored. From that day forward I have been an enormous fan of these two brothers, Bob, and later Joe.

To say I love this band would be an understatement. No, they are without a doubt, my favorite band of all time.