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My entry into the Mathiasaurus weekly creative prompt “Unknown” for the week of March 29/2021

We’re all drowning in Corporate America, we’re in different pools for different reasons, but the water’s still thick with the remnants of backroom politics and faux pleasantries.

Each of us suffocating. Choking.

The ladder, an illusion. You can see every single rung, but as you begin your ascent you find the rungs aren’t real, no substance, just vapor and smoke.

At day’s end, too tired to accomplish. Deeply you sink into your couch, household chores for the weekend. The soft, yet harsh glow of the idiot box illuminating your slack and exhausted face. The same people that put you here tell you what you need. You maintain so you may obtain. A cycle that leads to a pine box six feet below.

Breaking free is impossible, you have a family to feed, house and clothe. You sink deeper, your body relaxes letting large gulps of water cooler connections, and team lunches (another hour gone) consume you. Your loss. You’re lost. You’ve lost.